Project Consutation

Sun Granite & Stone Inc. provides project consultation and design assistance for your granite kitchen and bath projects. 

Contact us today to get a FREE on-site no-obligation estimate and visit our showroom to select the quartz / granite or other natural stone materials for your project. 

Kitchen and bathrooms are the most important rooms of your home. The design is a very personal thing. The overall concept will come from variety of sources: books, magazines, show homes, friend’s home and something deep in your memory. 

The material chosen for the countertops in your kitchen and the vanity-tops in your bathroom must be durable, easy to care for and beautiful. With all of the above characteristics, quartz / granite is a popular choice among interior designers and homeowners. 

As the countertops are largely visible, the colors, patterns and shapes of the stone have strong impact on the overall style and mood of the room. Whether you like the traditional look or the contemporary feeling, we are here to provide you with project consultation and design assistance. 

Quartz / Granite comes in many colors and always contains flecks or colorful small granules, some of which have a glittering, metallic shine. A gleaming black granite can create an elegant style; a rich rusty colored quartz / granite can create a warm mood; and a white based stone with beautiful random pattern can create a gorgeous noble space. The choice is endless. Of course, there are a lot of other things to be considered, just to name a few, thickness of the slab, edge profiles, backslash, …etc. 

Whether you are building new or renovating an existing room, project design and planning could be exciting and sometimes, overwhelming. 

You can start the process by completing the Contact Form to book a FREE on-site consultation and estimation, or visit our showroom to select the stone of your choice. We will strive to help you to make your dream a reality.